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Space One Audiophile DAC

® Space Sabre DAC

Space One is a high-quality DAC with support for high-resolution formats based on the ESS® Technology Sabre Premium D/A chip.

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Space One DAC Reviews

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ESS® Sabre Premium Class D/A chip

Space One is a high quality DAC which supports PCM signal playback. It uses the ESS Technology ES9023 Sabre Premium 24Bit chip in conjunction with a Cirrus Logic High-Definition Audio Receiver.

PCM High-resolution sound

Space One DAC supports PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) High-Resolution signals via the S/PDIF interFace. Supports PCM up to 192kHz 24 bits. Full specifications here

Audiophile Home Audio

Space One DAC is also optimized for high-quality home audio. Through a pair of gold plated RCA sockets connect high-quality analog output to your amplifier's (or active speaker's) line inputs. Output specs: DR >-112dB, THD+N <0.0002%.

Digital Audio Inputs

Space One DAC has also two digital S/PDIF inputs: one optical TOSlink input and one RCA socket for connecting a coaxial cable.

Solid aluminium construction with CNC machining

Space One DAC has also a very small dimensions (43 x 57 x 23 mm). The enclosure of Space is made from 1.5mm thick aluminium, which is robust and provides perfect isolation from the outside interference.

Audiophile DAC for every lover of quality music.

The cheapest 192/24 SABRE DAC in the world

Cool Blue and Space Black color edition

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Hi-Res 192/24 Sound Experience

High-Quality Technology

Space One is designed with the highest precision and includes only the best available high-quality components, resulting in dynamic and pure sound. Just excellent.

Each of the devices from the Space family is designed with the highest possible accuracy and the resulting sound is dynamic, clear, perfect, from the deepest bass to the highest trebles.

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Download Center

Here you can download software, driver, Firmware, User's guides and Others.

Excellent Sound Experience

Sabre Sound™

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