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Space Plus Audiophile DAC

® Space Sabre DAC

Space Plus is a high-quality DAC with support for high-resolution Audio formats based on the ESS® Technology Sabre32 Reference D/A chip.

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Space Plus DAC Reviews

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Review in Stereo & Video Magazine 06/2017

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Review in Stereo-Head by Matteo

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Review in Sound Perfection Reviews

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ESS® Sabre32 Reference Class D/A chip

Space Plus is a high-quality DAC which supports High-Resolution Audio playback. It used the ESS® Technology SABRE9018 Sabre Reference 32bit chip in conjunction with the powerful quad-core XMOS USB High-Definition Audio chip.

DSD64/128 Super Audio CD Quality Audio

Space Plus supports DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) signals via the micro USB 2.0 port. Supports DSD64 - 2.8224 MHz and Double-rate DSD128 - 5.6448 MHz / 1-bit (DoP/dCS and Native DSD streaming through ASIO driver).

DXD384/32 Studio quality Sound

Space Plus supports DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) signals via the micro USB 2.0 port and S/PDIF interFace. Support DXD (PCM) up to 384khz 32bit playback signal. Full specifications here

OLED Display for more information

There's a 0,96" OLED graphics display (with a 128x64 pixel resolution) on the front of the unit. The display shows information on the playback signal, selected input, volume, mute and filter settings.

IR sensor And Volume

Using universal remote controller you can control functions like Volume ( from -120dB to 0dB @1dB/step ), select S/PDIF coaxial or optical input, IIR Butterworth filter settings 50 - 60 - 70kHz, mute and channel swap (LR - RL). Also fully compatible with Apple remote controller.

High-Quality Headphone Output

A 6.35mm jack socket is also available for connecting headphones. To Space Plus you can connect high impedance headphones with up to 600 ohms, which means that you don't need a separate headphone amplifier.

Audiophile Home Audio System

Space Plus is also optimized for high-quality home audio. Through a pair of gold plated RCA sockets connect high-quality analog output to your amplifier's (or active speaker's) line inputs. Output specs: DR >-121dB, THD+N <0.0002%. Full specifications here

Space Plus Support desktop and Mobile devices

Space Plus is the best way how to upgrade your computer (Windows, Linux, macOS) or smartphone (OS Android*, iOS*) to support high resolution audio formats. More detailed here

Digital Audio Inputs

Micro USB 2.0 is the primary input for high-quality audio streams. Space Plus has also two digital S/PDIF inputs: one optical TOSlink input, which is built in to the 3.5mm jack socket, and one RCA socket for connecting a coaxial cable.

Solid aluminium construction with CNC machining

Solid aluminium construction Space Plus has also a compact dimensions (70 x 84 x 24 mm). The enclosure of Space Plus is made from 1.5mm thick aluminium, which is robust and provides perfect isolation from the outside interference.

Compatible with Apple Remote


Audiophile grade digital to analog converter

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Optimized for High-Resolution Audio

High-Quality Technology

Space Plus is designed with the highest precision and includes only the best available high-end components, resulting in dynamic and pure sound. Just excellent.

Each of the devices from the Space family is designed with the highest possible accuracy and the resulting sound is dynamic, clear, perfect, from the deepest bass to the highest trebles.

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Space Plus DAC

After connecting the device to a computer running Windows (7,8 or 10) it's not possible to select it as the default sound playback device?

You need to download and install the Windows drivers from the manufacturer's page. After installing and a reboot, the device should be recognized correctly. Other operating systems such as macOS and Linux don't require a driver. Driver download here

After connecting the DAC the Space logo is displayed, then the text "DISPLAY OFF" appears and the display shuts down?

The display was set to turn off, however the DAC is still working. Please consult the user's guide for instructions on how to turn the display back on. Manual download here

There's loud noise or there's no sound when playing back DSD files?

You need to set the maximum volume on the player and in the operating system as well. The volume can be regulated directly on the DAC.

When playing back DSD format, the DAC is in PCM mode according to the display?

You need to set the DSD playback format from DoP to Native.

After connecting a digital source via the optical or the coaxial input, there's no sound?

You need to select the correct input on the DAC. Please consult the manual how to do that. Manual download here

The DAC is not recognizing my remote controller's commands?

Most likely the wrong RC protocol has been selected. Please consult the manual how to set the RC type. Manual download here

After connecting the DAC to a mobile device the following message is shown: "The connected device draws too much power" and the DAC turns off. What to do?

In order to maintain battery life, some mobile device manufacturers can shut down the connected devices, if they reach a certain current threshold. In this case it's necessary to use a cable which allows to use an additional power source.

After connecting the DAC the logo is not displayed and the display is empty?

Most likely there's something wrong with the device. Please contact us with the details to get the problem resolved. Contact here

Download Center

Here you can download software, driver, Firmware, User's guides and Others.

Excellent Sound Experience

Sabre Sound™

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